Structure of the Open Space Party

The characteristic of the Open Space Party is that it simply offers a very basic structure, but the party comes to live throught you, your ideas and activities!

During the day there will be a Mini-Workshop program offered by you for us. These workshops can be creative like improvisational theatre or music, or in the area of personal growth, for example creating a vision for my life, finding the place in my life and how I can feel myself better, or even spiritual like Partner Yoga, singing mantras or giving singingbowl massages. And of course there are so many more offers that you can enrich us with. So please do! Thus we build up a group energy together.

Every participant is invited to involve himself with all of his talents to enrich and delight us and the group. It’s just important that the others can get in contact and have fun through whatever you want to offer. Forget your professional demands, be light, be exhilarated and creative!

A provisional structure looks like that:

Friday Evening
16:00 Check-In
18:00 Dinner
19:30 Introduction of ourselves (Armin)
21:15 Introduction of workshops and rules (Armin & participants)
22:30 Open End

08:00 Morning meditation
08:30 Breakfast time
10:30 Mini Workshops
12:00 Lunch time
14:30 Mini Workshops
16:30 Mini Workshops
18:00 Dinner
20:00 Discussion massage evening
21:00 Massage evening with an open end (Armin)

08:00 Morning meditation
08:30 Breakfast time
10:30 Mini Workshops
12:00 Lunch time
13:30 Joint conclusion and joint cleanup
16:00 Goodbye

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Our workshops make sense especially if as many participate. But of course you can step back, if you need free time or the contents do not respond to you.

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