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Summer-Edition of the Open Space Party

12.-14.08.2016 Seminar House "Kieselhof", Murrhardt near Stuttgart

As if in heaven and then back

'Thanks for the exciting, relaxing and very intensive weekend with all the men and Armin...It was as if I went to heaven and came back!!!'(Andreas)

And even at a second gathering, we immediately took a liking to each other. All of us, the new men from Dusseldorf, Frankfurt/Main, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Wiesbaden and elsewhere. Throughout the weekend, we felt completely natural and at ease with each other; the only agreement - to honour oneself and other - sufficed for the whole weekend.

Markus performed a sage incense burning ritual to summon the shaman within us. Through this purification ritual we could meet at a more intimate level and leave daily life behind us. The active meditation "Avakenning the Yang" reconnected us to feel the vigour in our bodies.

In the afternoon, we embarked on a personal journey in our own bodies accompanied by the sound of instruments. With Wolfram's help, we were able to perceive simple sounds as a very powerful experience. Wasn't it astonishing for all of us how the might of sounds released a flood of memories and emotions? Our experiment - vibrating the sound bowls along the body - ended up as small, sensual bath of erotic energy.

Soft body exercises and quiet meditation drew the energy back within. Oliver's feedback: 'It has been a long, long time that I have been able to let go of my inner stress and thoughts. I was able to be PRESENT, no plans and no major thinking.'

Not only were our appetites stimulated and satisfied during dinner...our sexual fantasies, too. The most inspiring was the tantric bath tub that belongs to 'Kieselhof' equipment (see picture).

The 'Ocean Companion' - a man who lies in the lap of another man and relaxes - ushered in the silence of the night, intimate warmth and the softness of touch.

The shamanic incense ritual 'Open with the soul of a plant' was held outdoors on Sunday. Together, we set up seven incense stations, each station had a plant (inula, majoran, rose, rosemary...). All of us had time to connect with the plants - its scent, its characteristics - to find out which plant was for us. We were then invited to be with the plant, to speak with it or listen for a message from the plant.

Although this may have been unusual for some, there was still an opportunity, after a tasty lunch, to ask other participants a question about one's own life, for advice or feedback.

'As if in heaven and back'. The conversation round was indeed most helpful, after such a heavenly weekend, to find the way back into daily life!

Premiere of the Open Space Party

22.-24.04.2016 at the ‘Kieselhof’ Seminar House in Murrhardt near Stuttgart

An All-Round Successful Start:

The (as yet) small and select group of people from Berlin, Karlsruhe, Munich and Zürich soon found a common level during the introductory round with a glass of wine around the hearth of the open fire. We hit it off from the start!

After the 'heart chakra meditation' simple movement exercise to wake everyone up, Armin led the morning workshop: 'Recycling your Feelings - Transforming the Chaos in my Life'. Everyone chose one of his own negative behaviour patterns (smoking, overeating, an aversion…).

We let an associated image arise and, using our imagination, we re-molded it with our hands and transformed it into energy. Then we let this transformed energy flow through our body from our head downwards. A feeling of great relief and relaxation was the result: An exercise that is easy to repeat!

After a delicious lunch and a rest to follow, Günther introduced us to the 'Dance of the Five Rhythms' (taken from Gabriele Roth): Flowing - Staccato - Chaos - Lyrical - Stillness. We entered the movement sequences (see sketch) and felt so much pleasure and energy that we danced two of its waves. It was so intense that after the evening meal we needed quite some time in our sharing round to tell each other what we had felt and experienced. We rounded off the day with the 'wish yourself something' touch ritual led by Michael, followed by a glass of wine.

A dynamic breathing meditation (quantum light breath) refreshed us the next morning and before noon we were then able to communicate to a partner our wishes for letting go, being held, caressing etc.

The closing was particularly exciting: everyone had the chance to formulate a question to himself and then open it up for the whole round to share and give feedback. That was really loving, honest and courageous at the same time: In a word - an all-round successful start!

We're already looking forward to the next Parties, check them out under 'Dates & Registration'. We're looking forward to meeting you!

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