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Portrait Armin C. HeiningAs founder and teacher of GAY-TANTRA (since 1992) I have been deeply engaged in sexuality for the last 2 decades and sexuality has become an integral part of my life. However, in April 2015 I realised that it was time to allow myself a change of course. During a seminar for personal development in the summer of 2015 I discovered a new path to unite and express my extensive experience of meditation and enlightenment as well as ecstatic sexuality and bliss, being in contact with people, nature and my environment. I discovered that the essence of me, my being, wants to develop without any boundaries. It wants to be as free and open as the space we all live in.

I feel the most alive, when my soul grows, develops and can express itself with no limitations. Being with people, who are (still) on their quest to find themselves and how they can best express their lives, is for me the most fertile soil to grow and develop myself.

That is why I decided to create the project of the Open Space Party: to be in connection with like-minded, to create community and to continue to grow and develop. This possibility of development, of appreciation, of expression is reason enough to celebrate! We celebrate the Open Space that allows us to express ourselves in the way we need and want it. I am excited to develop and discover with you the Open Space Party.

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