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What is the Open Space Party?

The Open Space Party wants to give you an informal, creative and sensual space. A time, in which you can celebrate yourself: With music, dance, creative ideas and - of course - enough space to simply enjoy yourself and to find community.

For whom is the Open Space Party?

The Open Space Party is an event for men of all sexual orientations, for singles, for couples and for small groups. You don't need bring prior experience, neither in groups, workshops, nor in partner yoga or in dancing. You are welcome, just as you are. You should be able to challenge yourself and your actions. You should be prepared to try new things, beyond mere consumption or the expectations of the others. You should not have to know everything yet, but be in search for yourself.

What is it meant to be?

In our Open Space we want to give you free space to connect with like-minded men and to find new friends, who enrich your life. We want to offer a space, where every man can have his fun in the way he wants to create: By simply enjoying the atmosphere, meeting interesting people or taking part in different workshops and activities. You decide, what you need to feel open and free in your space.

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Why Open Space Party?

Same-sex love and lifestyle choices beyond social conformity are more present that ever in today's world. In spite of that, people are mostly uptight when dealing with them. This is even the case where high-profile events (like the Christopher Street Days in Berlin and Cologne, the public discussion of same-sex marriage or the outing of celebrities) have increased tolerance within society in many places:
Everyday stress in one's own immediate surroundings and the individual form of coming out in particular are for most people difficult to negotiate - not to mention a confident and self-assured approach to one's own sexuality...
The Open Space Party is your chance to grow and develop in the healthy company of men.

Finding Inner Balance

Everyone finds it hard from time to time to cope with his own existence and life situation. Since childhood we have all been more or less used to orientate ourselves in accordance with the commonly held moral and ethical precepts set by society. Whoever is "different" is not only marginalized, but feels there is something "wrong" with himself or that he remains unnoticed. Same-sex love and patchwork relationships are still today regarded as being "different" in this sense and every man has to become conscious of it for himself in order to be able to accept himself. This process of finding out who we are and the concomitant right way of dealing with our own life situation have their starting point deep inside us. It is only when inner balance has been found that coming out can begin in one's own immediate surroundings and ultimately a life in balance can be found.

Togetherness as a carrying force

Every human being is unique and has quite individual views and needs. Nevertheless the human being is a social being who can only find his own ego in togetherness with others. Togetherness supports and gives strength. But how is it when our own individuality is not in keeping with the opinions of the community? How can you then live in harmony with your own individuality?
The Open Space Party opens up a space for everyone to show himself as he really is without being evaluated and judged by others. A strong feeling of togetherness can come about in this atmosphere free of prejudice - togetherness that carries you and helps you to find your own place in life, develop your own ideas for your life and understand yourself better. Connecting with like-minded men is the basis on which you can experience fun and joy and find friends who can help you to find your inner balance and cope with your life.

Creativity liberates and gives you strength

Creativity originates from an inner imaginative force. Creativity liberates, makes you sponaneous and opens all the senses. The Open Space Party provides you a space in which you can feel free and give vent to your creativity. That opens up your senses and and helps you to get to know yourself and others better. You can be creative in the Open Space and you can find the power and strength you need to travel your own path.

Spontaneity, fun and joy as the basis for a life that is in balance

Spontaneity, fun and joy create an atmosphere in which you can open up and discover yourself. A relaxed mood offers you the space for individuality and togetherness, creativity and change, visions and the new. The Open Space Party offer just this carefree space in which you can open up with fun and joy and discover yourself. Open Space affords you the freedom and the place to develop your visions, let change and the new happen and discover ways of achieving a life that is in balance.

Open Space – a Space to find Yourself and develop further

Togetherness with like-minded men offers you scope to grow and develop further. Creativity brings about an expanse in which to express yourself how you like and how you need to. Open Space is an open horizon in which your soul can grow. Open Space is a sphere in which you can find your inner balance in a carefree and creative way. That makes you strong and opens up new ways for you to cope better with your life situation and everyday life.

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